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Sep 19 '12

Epitonic saki Session: Sidewalk Chalk

We’ve posted a brand new Epitonic saki Session today featuring Chicago hip-hop ensemble Sidewalk Chalk. Described by Epitonic owner Justin Sinkovich as being “at the forefront of a new generation of this Chicago [hip-hop] scene,” Sidewalk Chalk incorporates a healthy dose of neo-soul and jazz into their funky eclectic sound.

Click here to stream and download this session for free!

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Sep 17 '12

Epitonic saki Session: Big Science

Our latest Epitonic saki Session features Chicago rock band Big Science.

Epitonic owner Justin Sinkovich writes: “[A]s much as the shimmery delays, thick synths, and cavernous reverbs pay a bit of homage to the past, Big Science is clearly committed to forging new ground with their huge songs anchored by post-dance-punk beats and layers of harmonies.

As always, tracks from this session are available for free streaming and download exclusively on Epitonic.com.

Big Science on Epitonic
Epitonic saki Sessions
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Apr 18 '12

EDITOR PLAYLIST: Baseball Season

Editor Mike Hecker celebrates baseball and explains the pros and cons of living in Cubs country near Chicago’s Wrigley Field. He also reveals that he roots for the best team in the game (way to go, Mike!).

Playlist features tracks from:

Turning Point
Paint It Black
Fucked Up
Cold Cave
Books Lie
Explosions in the Sky

Click to check out the full playlist on Epitonic!

Tags: turning point lifetime ceremony paint it black coliseum fucked up cold cave books lie explosions in the sky baseball cubs wrigleyville red sox chicago

Apr 10 '12

ALBUM STREAM: Maps & Atlases - “Beware And Be Grateful”

Chicago group Maps & Atlases are gearing up for the April 17th release Beware and Be Grateful with an album stream over at Paste Magazine. From the sounds of it, the band has been experimenting with additional sounds and textures and man does it sound good! 

Head on over to Paste to listen to the album before its release, then stop by Epitonic to get yourself acquainted with the bands older material. 

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Apr 5 '12

Russian Circles/Pelican Interview, Downloads from both bands, Pelican EP stream, and more

Two of Chicago’s heaviest instrumental bands got together with The Skinny to discuss music journalism terminology, profit-motivated band reunions, Chicago music, and ideal presidential candidates. The result is equal parts heated discussion and ridiculous jokes.

Both bands are touring Europe during April. Russian Circles are touring with Deafheaven. “Mladek,” from Russian Circles October 2011 album Empros, is available to download on Epitonic.

Pelican are set to release their new EP Ataraxia/Taraxis on April 10 while on the road before heading to the metal mecca Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands that weekend. Take a listen to the full EP below, courtesy of AV Club, and download “Lathe Biosas” on Epitonic. Pelican’s Trevor de Brauw recently performed an atmospheric solo set at the Empty Bottle in Chicago, which is also available to stream below.

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Apr 4 '12

VIDEO: Unicycle Loves You - Epitonic saki Session

Back on February 25th, Unicycle Loves You performed an Epitonic saki Session at saki Store in Logan Square. We’ve posted audio from the show on Epitonic, which is available for free streaming and download!

Below, you will find some great videos from the session. After enjoying these lovely audio-visual morsels, check out our full collection of Epitonic saki Sessions!

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Apr 3 '12

Mixtape Download: Chance The Rapper’s 10 Day

The Chicago blogosphere blew up earlier today when 18 year old Chance The Rapper released his highly anticipated mixtape 10 Day. The mixtape was contrived during a 10 day suspension from high school during his senior year and truly showcases how talented the Chicago rap game currently is. 

As one part of the Save Money collective (which includes the likes of Vic Mensa, Kids These Days, and Thelonious Martin), this mixtape promises to be another massive step for the extremely hardworking group of youngsters.

Check out the video for “22 Offs” from his latest release below.

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Mar 26 '12

PHOTO: Cymbals Eat Guitars — Epitonic saki Session

Cymbals Eat Guitars killed it at yesterday’s Epitonic saki Session. Their set will be available for free stream and download in a couple weeks on Epitonic!

In the meantime, check out our past sessions on the Epitonic saki Sessions page!

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