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Apr 17 '12

VIDEO: jj - “Beautiful Life”

Swedish pop duo jj just released the video for their latest single “Beautiful Life.” Filmed by Patricia Paulsson, the video utalized found footage and home movies to create a dreamy journey set to the bands drug induced track. Head over to Epitonic to get a free download of this track and “New Work.” 

JJ - Beautiful Life from Patricia Paulsson on Vimeo.

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Apr 6 '12

TECH: Shop While You Watch “I Think She Ready

Fashion and music have always gone hand in hand, just ask those who listened to Poison during the 80’s. Now with the help of newly-signed Interscope rapper Iggy Azalea, superproducer Diplo and newcomer FKi, you can get your shop on while you watch their latest video for “I Think She Ready.”

Viewers can click on the artists throughout the song, pausing the video and allowing them to shop the entire look they just clicked on. Tech geeks and fashionistas unite! Now excuse us while we pick up some new threads…

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Apr 6 '12

Video: Orbital - “Wonky”

We here at Epitonic dig cats, some of us a little more than others (cough, cough.) So of course we’re diggin’ the latest video from techno duo Orbital. As one of the most loved groups from the first rave era, Orbital continues to impress with their latest release Wonky

Check out this cat-tastic title track from their latest release… well, as long as you’re not this lady

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Mar 30 '12

VIDEO: Delta Spirit - “California”

Americana rock group Delta Spirit has released a new video for their newest single “California” from their recently-released self-titled album. The video is full of nostalgic punk-rock imagery like skateboards, arcades, function hall shows, smashing 40’s, and other general debauchery.

Check out the video below, and then check out “California” and more from Delta Spirit on Epitonic!

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Mar 28 '12

VIDEO: Bill Callahan - Heaven Help the Child

Yesterday, Drag City released a 7” featuring country legend Mickey Newbury’s 1973 recording of his song, “Heaven Help the Child,” on one side, and Bill Callahan's cover of Newbury's song on the other. Enjoy this eerie video of Callahan's version, complete with his grainy superimposed face over a steady shot of somebody - not sure if it's him - bound to an ominous tree. Creepy, but very fitting.

Purchase the 7” or digital download from Drag City

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Feb 21 '12

The London trio Saint Etienne has released their video for their new single, “Tonight.” According to the band’s Facebook page, “The video, directed by long-standing Saint Etienne collaborator Paul Kelly, captures the anticipation and excitement of going to see your favourite band. The whole album is about the power of pop, how it affects and shapes your life…”

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